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  1. mamome Banned Member Apr 28, 2014

    Hello, How are you ?

  2. Dragonsbead Apr 03, 2011

    i guess it

  3. EevaLeena Oct 15, 2010

    Breaking NEWS, guys!Odagiri-sensei will be releasing an URABOKU ARTBOOK! See the news sections for details ^^

    merged: 04-03-2011 ~ 06:34am
    Sorry for not updating for so long. Been busy lately. And I've been trying to figure out why is the header image for the group isn't showing ^^;

  4. Dragonsbead Sep 28, 2010

    you guys think there will be a second season?

  5. ryumma-kon Sep 27, 2010

    oh joy. i just love the ending its beautiful

  6. seokaru Sep 20, 2010

    i will wait for season two T^T

  7. EevaLeena Jul 28, 2010

    OMG... sorry foir the lack of updates ^^; I've been busy. But I've already gather some new information. Will be added later. Which is after I'm done modify the layout!

  8. Dragonsbead Jun 21, 2010

    oh, you don

  9. EevaLeena Jun 20, 2010

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy, and.. I'm actually still sick (caught cold). I'll update the new information once I got better!

  10. Dragonsbead Jun 15, 2010

    i just know, that the anime drama CD will be out on the 30.6.2010
    and i

  11. kachoi Jun 11, 2010

    Kyaa...I love Uraboku. I can't wait until the next episode is out.

    TV Anime Drama CD is it? Looking forward to it! Nufufufu...Sakurai singing! Yay!

    Does anyone know when Uraboku's OST will come out?

  12. abaddon13 May 28, 2010

    Fan of UraBoku...
    Luka is really something! Got to love an all powerful being right? XD
    Hope to see more of the series soon! They churn it out pretty slowly!...
    Not that I'm complaining though!

  13. Dragonsbead May 24, 2010

    Hi at all *waves* =)
    i just found this group and..i love it <3 XD
    and i joined..and i am XD

  14. EevaLeena May 23, 2010

    Found the 1st DVD cover!

    Oh yeah! Yuki's "vine bondage". Let see if Luka's next ^^

  15. Kencana May 08, 2010

    I love UraBoku. I've already read UraBoku chapter 37. Love Hotsume/Shuusei scene.

  16. MizuZala May 04, 2010

    I also can't wait to see Hotsuma in action. I hope that the remaining volumes can be translated, I would be so grateful for it *w*

  17. kara May 02, 2010

    Sorry, slow on the reply again >_<
    Yay! Seiyuu event! Totally looking forward to it, UraBoku does have most awesome seiyuu cast I've ever seen *___* Can't wait for Hotsuma to appear in the anime... Ono Daisuke oh hoh hoh hoh.... *3*

  18. EevaLeena Apr 24, 2010

    Who wouldn't wanna go? Esp. when two of my most favorite character/seiyuu will be there *dies*

    Anyways, Story 37 is out on June ASUKA. Hotsuma/Shuusei fanservice AND incredible HOT Yuki on the splash >__< Makes me in love with Yuki even more now!

    merged: 05-01-2010 ~ 11:47am
    Another news: The TV Anime Drama CD will be released on June 30, 2010. And included in the Cd is one character song by Hoshi-san & Sakurai-san. OMG! Did my Sakupyon finally decided to sing again? *sigh* I feel dizzy thinking about that!

  19. kira18 Apr 22, 2010

    I want to go to that seiyuu event too... too bad I ain't in Japan. D:
    Waiting for episode 3...>_< Anime's getting into the main plots now (finally). ^^

  20. EevaLeena Apr 21, 2010

    Huhuhu... I'm so ashamed myself. Been so busy lately! >__<

    But anyways, I added one news, which is for the upcoming UraBoku seiyuu event! OMG! I so want to watch it >__<

  21. kara Apr 21, 2010

    Sorry, been pretty busy and dead on MT lately.
    We should really start a discussion or something to inject some life into this group!
    Oh and welcome MizuZala!

  22. MizuZala Apr 20, 2010

    I just have to join this group. I read the manga ( well till chapter 7, the translated ones) and I already love it!
    and now the Anime! This is so great ^^

  23. kira18 Apr 09, 2010

    Minna-san, just wondering if any of you can get into the web cast of Uraboku first episode? It is currently airing online but I can't seem to be able to load the video. @@" Does anyone have the same problem?
    I know it's only limited to 666 ppl, but I don't think i can't get in because of that. For those who don't know, the webcast is in this website, have to use IE though.
    nvm, RAW version is out! All of them look gorgeous, especially Luka! *so happy rite now* <33

    merged: 04-19-2010 ~ 10:04am
    For those who don't know, CrunchyRoll has licensed UraBoku anime, so aarinfantasy has dropped the fansubbing for this. However, Yuurisan-subs is still doing it, but will come out late since they r taking the raws from TOKYO MX (4 days later than the first broadcasting). They recently released the 720p episode 1, so go check it out. ^^

  24. kara Apr 03, 2010

    Sorry for being late!
    Thanks for the invite :3

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